Gummies Are as Popular as Ever

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Cannabis Ingestibles cover a lot of ground, including everything from pills to slices of pie to bottles of THC-infused cold-brewed coffee. But one style of ingestible dominates the market: the gummy. During the first four months of 2019, 17 of the top 20 selling ingestible products in California, Colorado and […]

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Pre-Rolls Rising and Falling

Pre-rolled joints experienced huge growth during 2016, with sales of $158 million between Colorado, Washington and Oregon, representing growth of 149 percent compared to 2015. In Colorado, sales were up by 61 percent, in Washington by 278 percent and in Oregon by a jaw-dropping 282 percent. But so far, at […]

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The State of Strains

The dispensary marketplace is a lively bazaar, with established brands and entrepreneurs every day coming up with new products — everything from chewing gums to nasal sprays to CBD-packed concentrates and massage lotions. But the wide range of commercial innovations remain dwarfed, in terms of sales dollars and volume, by […]

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From Cannabis Business Executive: “It’s tea time for the cannabis market”

May 8, 2017 by Doug Brown | Cannabis Business Executive Cannabis with your cup of tea? Increasingly, consumers are saying, “Yes, please.” Cannabis-infused tea drinks are hot in the marketplace, and the thirst for pot tea is a fairly new phenomenon. According to data from BDS Analytics, a leading source of […]

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From the Daily Beast: Here’s Why We’ve Been Getting Stoned Alone—and Why That’s About to Change

Nearly half of cannabis consumers get high on their lonesome, according to a new study shared exclusively with The Daily Beast. Written for the Daily Beast: By Ricardo Baca | April 20, 2017 In modern America, the act of drinking alcohol alone carries a worrisome stigma. Sure, humor mag Modern […]

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4/20: Which Weekend (Before or After) is the Biggie?

We saw it last year for our big national holiday, and it visits us again (to a lesser extent) this year: 4/20 falls in the middle of the week (on Thursday). Sales on 4/20 itself, of course, are a big deal to the industry — last year Colorado consumers spent […]

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Consumers In CO and OR Go Their Own Way With Edibles

Among Colorado, Washington and Oregon, edibles ranked #3 in terms of market share of dollars sold during 2016, capturing 12 percent ($269.8 million) of the $2.33 billion cannabis market. Flower leads with 58 percent of the market, followed by concentrates at 20 percent. When it comes to edibles, consumers in […]

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‘In the Weeds’ Episode 8: Meet Rob Meagher, Founder of Cannabis Business Executive

  On today’s show we chat about cannabis publishing and conventions with Rob Meagher, founder of Cannabis Business Executive. We attempt to answer the question, “Are we in a cannabis publishing bubble?” Listen to the latest podcast here. About Rob Meagher Rob Meagher is a publishing executive with more than thirty […]

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‘In the Weeds’ Episode 7: Meet Dan Anglin, Founder of AmeriCanna, One of the Top Edibles Brands in Colorado

On today’s show we yak with Dan Anglin, Founder of AmeriCanna, one of the most successful edibles brands in Colorado.  His rapid growth represents the brand trifecta –  equal parts quality product development, compelling story and positive community engagement. Learn how you can take your brand to the next level. […]

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From MG Retailer: “Welcome to Vapelandia! A Report on the State of the Booming Vape Industry”

By Rob Hill | January 9, 2017 | MG Retailer The people, the products, the progress and the trends that keep the vape business burning! According to BDS Analytics, 2016 was a year of solid growth for the overall vape sector. In fact, judging by the company’s data for more […]

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