It Might Not Get You Buzzed (On Its Own), But Consumers Are High on CBD

It Might Not Get You Buzzed On Its Own, But Consumers are High on CBD | BDS Analytics

  Prior to waves of cannabis legalization in different states, few people knew a thing about CBD. An acronym for Central Business District, or Convention on Biological Diversity? But now stores line shelves with CBD, online shops ship bottles of it around the world, and CBD gets featured in the […]

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Consumers In CO and OR Go Their Own Way With Edibles

Among Colorado, Washington and Oregon, edibles ranked #3 in terms of market share of dollars sold during 2016, capturing 12 percent ($269.8 million) of the $2.33 billion cannabis market. Flower leads with 58 percent of the market, followed by concentrates at 20 percent. When it comes to edibles, consumers in […]

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