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The award-winning GreenEdge™ Retail Sales Tracking Online Platform provides clients unlimited access to the most accurate and actionable data available on what is selling, when, where, and for how much on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Leverage real data to make strategic decisions that will advance the financial goals of your business; and, understand everything about the cannabis markets from what is selling in different states, to pricing strategies, brand concentration, market segmentation, how trends flourish over time, and more. We currently feature data from Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington dispensaries, with more states to come soon. 

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Leverage GreenEdge Retail Sales Tracking to grow your business.

GreenEdge™ Insights

The GreenEdge Platform is customizable – only access the data you need

Successful companies rely on our data

Whether you are a successful cannabis business or assessing market opportunities, BDS Analytics’ GreenEdge Platform provides answers on the unique cannabis market and all of its’ complexities.

Ways successful companies use GreenEdge:
  • Examine market and category evolution
  • Drive innovation and launch execution
  • Make smarter pricing decisions
  • Plan for manufacturing and capacity

A clear understanding of what is trending

Leverage real data when developing products

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business. We use the BDS Analytics platform to gain market and product insights.”

Cameron Forni, President & Co-Founder, Cura Cannabis Solutions (Select Oil)

“With GreenEdge, you have a competitive advantage over other dispensaries. GreenEdge has helped Medicine Man make money by allowing us to recognize sales trends, staying ahead of those curves.”

Sally Vander Veer, President, Medicine Man

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