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The State of Strains

The dispensary marketplace is a lively bazaar, with established brands and entrepreneurs every day coming up with new products — everything from chewing gums to nasal sprays to CBD-packed concentrates and massage lotions. But the wide range of commercial innovations remain dwarfed, in terms of sales dollars and volume, by […]

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From Cannabis Business Executive: “It’s tea time for the cannabis market”

May 8, 2017 by Doug Brown | Cannabis Business Executive Cannabis with your cup of tea? Increasingly, consumers are saying, “Yes, please.” Cannabis-infused tea drinks are hot in the marketplace, and the thirst for pot tea is a fairly new phenomenon. According to data from BDS Analytics, a leading source of […]

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From AdvertisingAge: “It’s Like IRI or NPD for Weed: Marijuana Gets Classic CPG-Like Market Research”

By Kate Kaye. Published on May 10, 2017 The legal cannabis market is hotboxed with THC-infused candies, calming and energizing beverages and other products that, without the marijuana injection, would seem a lot like the stuff of mainstream packaged goods. But when companies the growing industry need fusty old data, […]

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4/20: Which Weekend (Before or After) is the Biggie?

We saw it last year for our big national holiday, and it visits us again (to a lesser extent) this year: 4/20 falls in the middle of the week (on Thursday). Sales on 4/20 itself, of course, are a big deal to the industry — last year Colorado consumers spent […]

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420 Special Webinar – Optimize Sales for your Dispensary or Brand – April 13th, 2017 – 12-1 PST

BDS Analytics Free Webinar When Christmas Comes in April… How to Optimize 420 Sales for Your Dispensary or Brand Thursday, April 13th, 1-2pm MT, 12-1pm PST Are you ready for the upcoming 420 holiday? Will you have the right products stocked at the right time and at the right price? […]

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Cannabis Balms are the Bomb

  Sales of topical cannabis products grew rapidly in Colorado, Washington and Oregon during 2016, rising from $14.42 million in 2015 to $26.39 million last year. That year-to-year 83 percent boost in dollar sales is impressive, although the topicals market remains a relatively small slice of the $2.33 billion cannabis […]

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What’s Hot and What’s Not? Attend our Market Overview Webinar, March 16th 1-2pm MT

BDS Analytics Free Webinar Cannabis Market Overview: What’s Hot and What’s Not? Thursday, March 16th, 1-2pm MT Do you know what’ s hot and what’s not in the cannabis industry? Join BDS Analytics for 30 minute informational webinar covering the state of the legal cannabis market.  We will be presenting an […]

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2016 Oregon Cannabis Market Synopsis – Top Selling Categories, Biggest Opportunities Ahead, Consumer Preferences

By Claire Kaufmann | February 20, 2017 Last year, the legal cannabis industry in the United States grossed $5.8 billion (medical and recreational channels combined.) Oregon dispensaries sold $393 million in legal cannabis in 2016 ($292 million adult-use.) What happened in the Oregon market?     What kinds products performed […]

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